Victorian 1837 – 1901


The Victorian Era generally refers to houses built during the reign of Queen Victoria of England. The area was marked by the start of the industrial revelation which made great strides in the mechanical projection of home details, which were not previously available. There are numerous details that help to define the style, from large gables supporting elaborate trim and shingles and stylish porches that abut dominating turrets. The Victorian era begin to take off in the United States in the late 19th century with styles that included Queen Ann, Second Empire, Shingle and Richardsonian Romanesque.

Highly detailed trim adorn the facades of the Victorian Era home. The elaborate trims and moldings were a result of large scale manufacturing which allowed for pre-fabrication of housing parts. Victorian’s with names like “Gingerbread” sport exterior architectural elements in a range of shapes, from well-crafted spindles and brackets to ornate trim.

Scalloped, fish-scaled and diamond shingle patterns add to the details of many Victorian style homes. With the addition of trims and moldings, a uniquely Victorian style emerges.

A commanding turret is often prevalent in many Victorian homes. The turrets gave the Victorian homes a castle feel and recalled the Gothic mansions that inspired many of their early designs. The towers allowed for unique spaces such as studies, bedrooms and libraries and were typically topped with conical or multi-sided roofs.

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