There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a small home. Not only does it boast a lower mortgage, but it also makes sense when your household size is only one or two people. However, even just one person can accumulate a lot of stuff as the years go by, and your cozy home may become a little cramped as a result. Rather than let the clutter take over, check out these budget-friendly tips to create more space.

Declutter, Then Organize

Before you can start implementing any space-saving solutions, you’ll likely find that you need to downsize your things. Although it might sound like a harsh reality, it’s impossible to find a place for everything if your things are already overflowing from closets, countertops, and storage bins. This doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your most prized possessions; instead, discard the ones that no longer serve a significant purpose in your life. Anything you no longer use or need, as well as broken or duplicate items, should be sold, donated, recycled, or trashed. Once the clutter is cleared, you can start creating space and order in your home.

Go Vertical

The biggest problem with finding space to store items is that most options take up floor space, but have you ever considered going vertical? Tension rods, file folders, and pegboards can all be used to free up floor and cabinet space for items such as pots/pans, shoes, tools, magazines, etc. Even if you don’t have the materials necessary to create vertical storage, you can shop around online to find savings at popular home goods stores like Hobby Lobby, and search for tutorials online to create functional and trendy storage. Plus, once you get items off the floor, you can make room for other storage options. For example, by using a hanging shoe rack, you free up space in your closet for bins and cubbies.

Traditional with a Twist

The go-to storage option tends to be plastic bins, but this isn’t the most appealing option if you prefer your storage to blend in. Rather than settle on an eyesore, shop for stylish storage options. Keep your budget in mind by opting for stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond that offer coupons and cashback offers. For smaller, more crafty storage solutions, it may make sense to search for DIY tutorials on Pinterest and buy the materials needed to make it for less. As a bonus, you can customize it to match your home’s color palette or theme.

Use Corner Storage

Corners make the perfect spot for shelves, but once you start shopping around you’ll quickly realize that aesthetically pleasing shelves can come with a high price tag. Instead of splurging, tap into your handiness skill to create your own. All you need is wood planks, shelving brackets, and wood varnish/paint in the color of your choosing. A drill is necessary to mount it to the wall, but a neighbor, friend, or family member will likely have one you can borrow. For more corner storage inspiration, check out these unique ideas courtesy of Home BNC.

Downsize Furniture

There are certain pieces of furniture that make a room feel complete but take up way too much space. One example of this is the coffee table. It’s a staple in most living rooms, but how much use does it get other than holding a drink, magazine, or decor? If a DIY project interests you, you can create a table that goes behind your sofa for $25. As a bonus, you can use the leftover varnish from your shelf project (as well as the borrowed drill) to complete it.

Having a small home works perfectly for you, but the lack of space might not. If you need some additional room and organization, start by decluttering. Then, find creative options to maximize your space, such as vertical or corner storage, DIY pieces, or downsizing your furniture.

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